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Directors’s Desk

Directors’s Desk

The managing director Akhilesh

I , myself Akhilesh, am result of long and in depth market research of the changing scenario of the job market. The present demand of the industry and market is for young & dynamic personality, who does have basic training in the field of operation they want to work.

More And more People Have a Will to Become Economically Independent early in life. Pursuing their courses gives them the eassential skills and qualifications for head in their chosen career. Whatever the experience I got in my 14 years working professional life, I tried to summarise in this website. The mistake which I committed earlier, I don’t expect that those mistakes are committed by you. It’s a general concept also that experience makes man perfect. The concept of experience is when mistakes get assembled it is converted in to experience.

“An Error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” all over courses and concept has been developed in a short and practical manner to enable people to take up jobs with full knowledge and efficiency. Immense job potential exist in various areas of marketing, Sales, Servicing and personnel relations etc. This Institute providing a basic inputs for the successful entry into these areas.

George Cramor says that, “There is no life in any job, the future lies in the person who holds the jobs.” The concept is capsular in nature with focus and immediate career prospects. We know that selling is an art-person, place, product and service are sold. We are in Global village, Global players have moved in our country. More and More private companies are entering here. This had led to a lot of career opening in their Global village.

Essential personality traits are required when you face the interview. Interview skills need to be honed to make a suitable impact. Group discussion and case study have become a part of hiring process today. From the initial resume to the first contact with the selections, Incumbents undergo a lot of stress and and anxiety builds of resulting in a large gaps between their intrinsic capabilities and the final performance. Our concept dwells on reducing unfounded stress and building confidence by providing knowledge on key points for facing a successful interview.

An Ultimate personality has advantages of getting things done and in making impact on other if he or she knows the art or techniques of communication, Etiquettes manner and so on. A sound personality and a positive attitude are essential for any interaction.

What we teach today,
            others adopt tomorrow ……..

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