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Course Contents

Course Contents



M.B.A.’ Aspirants Salesmanship

Selling is an art-person, place, product and services are all sold.


Insurance marketing & Sales

Insurance today is not a new concept but there are new avenues coming in to this field

With the opening up to this sector, global players have moved in our country .More & more private companies are entering the field of insurance offering different types of security and covers such as medical , education , property , risk, fire , life , household , natural , calamities,accident,etc.this had led to lot of career openings in this field.

This course provides a total overview of what is a insurance what are the selling points and why people should go for it. The student get trained in sales & marketing techniques, interactive skills and handling of Papers, formats and procedures relating to this field.

Interview and group discussion

This short duration courses focuses on the essential personality traits required when facing interviews. An interviews skills need to be honed to make a suitable impact. From the initial resume to the first contact with the selectors, incumbents undergo a lot of stress and anxiety builds up resulting in large gaps between their intrinsic capabilities and the final performance. The course dwells on reducing unfound stress and building confident by providing knowledge on key points for facing a successful interview. Group discussions have become a part of the hiring process today. The course covers the behavioral and tact requirements for a successful group discussion.


Communication skill personality development

A good communicator has advantage of getting things done and in making an impact on other he/ she knows the art & techniques of communication.Communication skills are essential for any interaction.


Focus is on tact’s of written communication, verbal communication and body language. Special emphasis on practical role-plays.

Capsule Courses for Corporates

Special capsule courses to meet corporate training needs at various managerial and staff levels.



Special courses and modular training programs can also be desgned and conducted to meet specific training neets in any discipline as per requirement.

Apart from the abobe topics cover all regular courses taught in the academy can be offered in capsular form. These courses can be conducted onsite and offsite as required.

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